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We have the best options for home insurance. With companies home insurance prices changing drastically every year due to hail losses, it may not be the best for you to stay with the same company more than a few years. At Great North, we will look over your policies yearly to ensure the policies are covering you the way they should and you are not paying more than you should!

Whether it is your first car or your second luxury auto, we have multiple options to get you the right price for the right coverage. Yearly reviews of your auto policy and company will insure you have the right policy! 

Business insurance is tough. We work with top of the line business insurance companies to place your risks in the right hands. Each business insurance company has certain risks that they write best and we will work with these companies to get you protected, no matter what the loss may be!

Life insurance is the most important insurance you can have. By protecting yourself, you are protecting your family and their future. When working with Great North, we will go through a Life Needs Analysis to guarantee you have the proper amount of coverage. We partner with 23 different Life Insurance companies to make sure we have the right policy for you!

Just because you are renting does not mean you are protected. Almost every policy that the rental company has on the home or apartment you are renting is only to protect them. If there is a loss, you most likely are not covered unless you have a renters insurance policy. 

Great North has multiple different options to insure your two wheel toy. With those options we can not only insure the motorcycle for liability but full coverage on your bike, your gear, and personal belongings. Give us a call and we can get a policy in place right away!

A lot of people may not know but condo's may need vastly different policies, depending on how the HOA covers the unit. If the condo does not have the correct policy, this could be devastating. At Great North, we will work with your HOA to ensure your condo has the correct policy.

Almost every insurance policy has a certain limit that when hit, the company will not pay any more. For these times, an umbrella policy is crucial. Without an umbrella policy, you will be paying the rest out of your pocket. 


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